Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud's Buster Sword 「一人にしないで」
Love Sick

Type: Oneshot
Main Character(s): Rena Matsui
Supporting Character(s): Jurina Matsui

Inspired while reading a certain fanfic iamtutor Lol, resulting to me making out my own scene from one of the fanfic’s scenes :)


Some say love feels like the cherry blossom petals being blown by the wind. Some say it feels like you’re being imprisoned by an uncontrollable angst. As for me, I’ve never really felt what love is like until I met someone who swept me off my feet… literally.

"Rena!!!" everyone shouted as I fell down the ground. My head was sore and my eyes began to blur. Before I totally blacked out, I saw the blurry face of the suspect who caused me to suddenly fall to the ground.

When I began to gain back my consciousness, I felt something really cold at the side of my head and I realized it was only an ice pack. I looked around and saw the nurse talking to someone, the person who swept me off my feet.

She turned to look at me, surprised. “Ah! You’re finally awake!” she exclaimed as she jumped a little while the nurse looked towards me as well. My eyes were still a bit blurry. “Look, I’m very sorry for running into you…”

"It’s fine," I nodded a little and looked to my side to find my glasses, only to be dismayed when I was informed that the glasses fell on the floor and I have broken it when my body on top of it.

"Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the glasses," she tried to reconcile but I wasn’t having any of it. It was just an accident. It was nothing big so she didn’t really have to feel guilty for everything, especially since I didn’t have any damaged body parts with me.

"By the way," she held out a hand in front of me, "Jurina Matsui."

I tried to reach out for her hand with my blurry eyes and tried to smile at her. As my hand made contact with hers, I replied, “Rena Matsui.”

Days went by fast. Our friendship improved fast. It was an unlikely meeting and I was glad for it to happen to me, even though I could have had it worse having more than a bump on the side of my head.

"Want some?" she smiled sweetly as she pushed her bento box towards me.

"No, I have mine," I responded, pointing down at my own bento box.

"Mama makes good onigiri!" she tried to persuade me but I sighed in response and continued to eat my own bento. And then, all of a sudden, before I could even place the octopus shaped sausage inside my mouth, Jurina pushed her finger with cherry inside my mouth. I looked at her with wide eyes while she grinned like a child.

"And earlier you were just offering me your onigiri," I told her as I chewed upon the inserted cherry inside my mouth.

"Your lips looked really pale so I figured that maybe if you ate some cherries, your lips would be tainted by their color," she answered as she munched on her onigiri while holding it like a cute little hamster. I blushed at her comment. Although it sounded quite dumb, since my lips aren’t the one chewing the cherry, it made me think that she was looking at my lips for a long time. It made me feel a bit conscious of my appearance.

"Thank you though…" I murmured and quickly pushed some scrambled eggs inside my mouth while looking down and away from her but I could feel that she’s grinning at me at the moment.

My heart fluttered at every moment I had with her. Whenever she’s with her other friends, I tend to look away, trying not to feel jealous because they’re just her friends after all. But whenever I see someone approaching her, giving her cookies, chocolates, candies, love letters, and all that sort, I couldn’t help but to show my true form.

"Ah! Rena-san~!" she would cheerfully call out whenever she sees me in the middle of someone confessing to her. She would say sorry to the person confessing and run to me, holding onto my arms. "Let’s go somewhere?"

I didn’t really know why she always did that but I didn’t really bother knowing why. Having her by my side was enough for me. I want her… maybe I needed her as well.

"Rena, did somebody confess their feelings for you yet?" she would ask once in a while and I would always give out the same answer.


"Why not? Maybe it’s because guys think you’re too pure to be tainted by their personality. Maybe they think you’re too high, like a queen, to be dated by them," she chuckled while I nudged her by the side in annoyance, "What? I’m only saying the truth!"

"So that’s what you think?" I spat out.

"Well… yeah… But knowing you all the while, I figured that you aren’t really like the innocent princess-like girl everybody thought you were."

"And what does that mean?!" I felt offended.

"That you really do have a cute personality; A dorky one too," she blurted out as she pinched both my cheeks, rubbing them afterwards.

"So… do you think someone could ask me out someday?" I was hopeful.

"Hm… don’t tell me you’re already looking for one!" Jurina burst out laughing while I glared at her. She started to calm down quickly and continued, "But seriously, you’re already looking for one?"

I pondered, looking up at the school hall ceiling and back down at her, nodding my head. To be honest, it had been always my dream to have someone asking me out in a sweet way like those in the fairy tales or those in movies and dramas. But reality is different and I know it’s hard to find people who are ultimately sweet like those on TV. I didn’t really care whoever it was asking me out. I may possibly reject them on the end but having the memory of someone asking you out so sweetly is something to be proud of.

"Ah… I see." Her smile suddenly fading a little. "You’ll definitely find one perfect for you," she uttered and turned to me with a bright wide smile, "a knight in shining armor with a pretty white horse, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you to his horse, placing you gently on top of the horse’s back, hopping on after, and having a sweet horse ride to your castle…"

"Is that your dream?" I decided to ask her for she looked lost into her own dreamland. She shook her head awake and turned her head to look away from me. Maybe it must have been her dream too, just like mine, to have a fairy tale-like proposal or confession.

I don’t know if it’s a curse to have such a princess-like personality like they say I have. My mother have raised me like a princess in one of those fairy tales she always loved watching as a child, and as growing up as well. Having a princess-like composure also brings out how elegant a woman could be, they say. But look at me now, I barely even have any friends. Maybe Jurina was right; They’re too afraid that they might taint me because I’m that high up there. But seriously, I really am not. I’m just like them, normal teenagers with hopes and dreams.

Jurina and I contrast drastically. She’s boyish while I’m not. She’s also really outgoing while I feel like I’m just an outcast. I could say that through the years, Jurina had been one true friend. Today actually marks our second anniversary of being friends. Yes, we hold anniversaries of how long we’ve been friends because we both value friendship. It seems like these days, one forgets while the other is left alone.

"Do you think two years is long enough for us to fully know each other well?" she asked all of a sudden as she looked up on the bright clear blue sky while lying her head on top of my lap. Meanwhile, I looked down at her, questioning why she would ask something like that.

"It takes forever to know someone," I answered.

"How so?"

"People’s personality change over time. At one point, a person may be all too kind to everyone but all of a sudden, you would be surprised to find out that this person turned into a monster after," I explained, "It all depends on the surroundings one lives in. Just like in Psychology, nature vs. nurture. Both sides have an impact on one’s personality."

"Right…" she nodded her head, seeming overwhelmed by the information I just gave out to her. She was one to cram for school although she would show to everyone that she had been studying really hard. Being friends with me, she thought, quite inspired her to study more. "So it doesn’t really matter how long you should get to know one another to ask someone to go out with you…"

"No… not really. You should get to know a person for a certain amount of time. And when you feel like you know the basics about that person and know that he is right enough for you, then I’d say that’s the best time to ask someone to go out with you."

"Then…" she looked up at my eyes, "… will you go out with me?"

I was stunned by the sentence she just uttered. Go out with her? I’m dreaming aren’t I? I wasn’t really expecting any of that to come out of her mouth. I’ve always thought that I would be hiding what I felt for her for the rest of my life.

"I’m… just kidding," she laughed nervously as she looked away and stood up. "Of course, you’re just a friend… nothing else…"

"Where are you going?" I asked her in curiosity.

"I’m just going to the restroom," she smiled lightly, "I’ll be back."


After her trip to the restroom, which seemed a little bit like forever, she had been quiet all the while. I wonder what happened to her all of a sudden. Did something happen while going to her trip to the restroom? But since she didn’t seem like opening it up to me, I decided to keep my mouth shut and let her contemplate her thoughts on it by herself.

A few days later, she began to continuously excuse herself in the middle of class. I wondered what was really going on with her but she would always say different kinds of reasons like headaches, stomach ache, cramps, etc. I told her to have the doctor get it checked but she refused to.

"I’m really fine," she half-heartedly smiled. I knew that there’s something more going on with her. If not with her body, it must be something deep within her heart.

Meanwhile, I made sure she knew all the lessons that she missed during the classes she always excused herself from. I would try to teach her by my own but whenever we were alone, she would nervously tell me that she could handle it on her own, but I perfectly knew well that she couldn’t. I was wondering that her problems might have been involving me.

Once again, Jurina was lying on one of the beds inside the infirmary. Since it was lunch break, Rena decided to visit the girl and eat her lunch with her. But to her dismay, the girl was still seemingly sleeping as her back faced the entrance to the room. She still decided to eat her lunch inside the infirmary, placing her bento box aside by the table while sitting at the open bed beside Jurina’s.

"There are a lot of sickness…" Jurina began to utter. I was surprised that she was awake the whole time, "fever, pneumonia, etc. Some have cures and some of them doesn’t. There are a lot of sickness discovered by various doctors all through the years and they have been going through research to find cures for it. Love sickness… it had existed over the time. But why haven’t they found any cure for it yet?"

I was about to utter something but she kept on going.

"People find true love once in a long while. Although some people may perceive this to be nothing but puppy love, I know this feeling is quite true. I really care for that person and even if I wanted to ask her to be mine, I couldn’t. It would be selfish of me because…" I was anticipating for her reason, "… I know I’m not good enough to be her knight in shining armor…"

Suddenly, the nurse entered the infirmary, surprised I was there. “Oh, Rena how long have you been here?” she asked. I was frozen at my place while I felt Jurina turn around and get shocked as she saw me.

"R-Rena?" Jurina questioned as she sat up from her bed. She then began to eye the nurse, trying to tell her something.

"Oh…" the nurse slyly smiled as if she knew something that I didn’t. I watched as she left the room and turned my eyes back to Jurina who was looking away and saddened at the moment.

"Seems like you heard what I’ve been saying earlier huh?" she sighed.

"Is this the sole reason why you’ve been skipping classes? Making excuses that you have fever? That your head hurts? Jurina, what the heck!" I roared while she sat there looking down on the floor while playing with her thumbs as her fingers were crossed with each other.

"I’m sorry for making you worry all along but seriously Rena…" she looked up, "… you could leave me alone if that’s all that you’re going to tell me."

I scoffed at what she said. Leave her alone?! All this time she had been skipping classes just because of feeling sick of what, love?! I love her but it was never my option to skip class just because of the hurt I feel towards her.

"It’s easy for you to say. You’re different from me. Everyone’s different from each other!!!" she shouted, "You should know this, Rena!"

"How should I know about what you’re feeling when you aren’t telling me how you feel?!" I rebutted and suddenly felt something soft and moist upon my lips. Jurina had cupped my face and placed her cherry-tasting lips upon mine. She released afterwards as she tried to catch her breath and looked up to me. "Now you know what I’m going through."

I still didn’t get what she meant by that. How is it too hard for her? It hadn’t really been that hard for me to result to skipping classes! But then again, she was right; Everyone’s different from the other.

"I don’t think I’m worth your time…"

"Are you kidding?! I’ve been always spending time with you! And now you think that?!"

"Not as a friend… but more than that…"

"You’ve always been important to me," I sighed, "Ah… you’re so stupid."

"Well I’m sorry for being a stupid idiot that fell for you!!!" she shouted.

"Well I must be more of the stupid idiot for falling with a coward like you!" I shouted back.

"I should be the one saying that as well!!!"

I paused. It was true. I was a bit of a coward for not even telling her how I truly felt about her, even from the start of our blooming friendship.

"I’m sorry…" was all I could say.

"It’s fine," she replied with a smile and held onto my hand. "So…"


"Oh come on!!!" a voice suddenly echoed around the room. We abruptly turned our head to see whose voice it was room and found out that it was the nurse once again. "Well duh, you two are officially together. Done. Now, Jurina, don’t be using my clinic for such a thing like love sickness, you say," the nurse shook her head disappointingly and teased, "Although I will miss seeing you around here and talking to you about your ‘sickness’."

"Don’t worry. If I ever had a problem, I’ll make sure to come here once again," Jurina cheekily smiled at the nurse and went out the infirmary with me, holding onto my hand.

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